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Level 3 Oh, Bully

Push the boxes along the white arrows to place them onto the two buttons and keep the seaweed gates open. Be careful not to push the boxes too far, as you can\’t pull them back.

Bullies will charge at you once they line up with you horizontally or vertically. In order to loose them you need to run around corners and hide. There are two Bullies in this level, and you need to avoid them while collecting the Krabby Patties.

Often additional Bonus Bubbles are hidden inside houses – in this case there are five bubbles hidden at the positions marked with an \”X\”.


Level 4 Riding The Waves

This level teaches an important concept – the shift key. Press and hold the shift key, then use the arrow keys to explore a level. This is an important technique to help you gain an overview over a level, as well as to plan ahead.

The blue path shows the quickest way through this maze that collects all Bonus Bubbles and Krabby Patties.


Level 5 Home Sweet Home

Make your way out of the seaweed field by following the yellow arrow. Be careful to pause in front of the tentacles – wait until they appear and disappear before running to the next safe spot.

To collect the Bonus Bubbles, push the three boxes in the indicated order (1-3). The final Krabby Pattie is inside SpongeBob\’s pineapple.